WLAN Radio, Hifi Amplifier - Audiophiles for everyone!

Since 1988 we have been responsible for the distribution of various HiFi Products in Germany.
It was always our aim to bring products on to the market which would satisfy the needs of German HiFi enthusiasts.

Clarity and functionality are of the utmost importance to Block.
To ensure this high standard could be maintained, we founded the AudioBlock GmbH in 2009, and began producing our own self designed products which are aimed at meeting the high standards demanded by the German market.

Amongst others CD Players, 2 Channel High End Amplifiers, WiFi Internet Radios and much more.
We value the importance of using our own parameters when producing our products.

This includes the user friendly operation of our devices, be it WLAN Radio or a HiFi Amplifier. To keep it simple we place all our switches and display panels in the same place on all of our units. The colours of the casings we use are also identical.
High quality materials and precision production guarantee your Block High End Devices a long life.
Each of these devices has many exclusive prominent features.
Beginning with the massive front panels on the Block Audio HiFi Units, through to the toroid transformers, power switches, individually adjustable supporting feet right up to the solid speaker terminals.

The only thing that can top all of that: the excellent sound!

Block Systems distinguish themselves through their optical harmony, reachedby designing units similarly with nobly designed buttons and knobs.

We have achieved all of this for the German market after 20 years of hard work with our very own BLOCK product.
We intend on manufacturing Block devices in Germany over the next few years.

The excellent price performance ratio will remain intact so that we can further manufacture top quality goods for all types of users, be it Stereo Amplifiers, Mini Stereo Devices, Preamps or Stereo Amplifiers.

If you are interested in owning a high quality Amplifier or HiFi System, our authorised specialist dealers will be glad to offer you any advice necessary.

Your Block Team